Pet-Friendly Two Bedroom Residences with Views of Manhattan

Dog Park Near Two Bedroom Residences with Views in ManhattanHard to imagine but not everyone is a pet lover. For those of us that are, we want the best for our pets and this is especially true when it comes to our pet’s home. For us, it’s a serious consideration in choosing an apartment in Midtown Manhattan. Here are 5 things to consider…

Pet Friendly

Any pet owner should consider the Pet Policy before moving to a self proclaimed “pet friendly” apartment. There are always variables between apartment facilities. Some don’t allow certain breeds. Others have restrictions on weight. Sometimes there is a limit to how many pets are allowed. And then there is always the fees…a non-refundable fee, a pet cleaning fee and some apartments even charge rent on the pets.


Size of Living Space

A pet owner needs to make sure there is enough living space for themselves and/or family, as well as, their pets. They take up space, too. And, if you don’t have enough living space, you’ll end up with an unhappy pet and possibly unwanted apartment damage can occur.


Nearby Parks

All responsible pet owners are obliged to take their pets (ok…specifically their dogs) out to relieve themselves, exercise and socialize. Dogs need to be stimulated with different sights and sounds. But most of all they want your attention. When choosing an apartment home for your family and pet, it’s a good idea to find one that has one or more parks and/or squares for your pet to enjoy themselves with your company.


Pet Loving Neighbors

Nothing is better than getting along with your neighbors. It makes life so much easier. While you’re looking around for your pet friendly apartment, you may consider asking the ratio of pet owners to non-pets owners. It will give you a good indication of how much the apartment facilities love your pets.


Pet Centers

We need to pamper ourselves and our pets need pampering too. There are many apartment buildings offering special pet services throughout Midtown Manhattan. Services provided at the pet centers include grooming, boarding, pet sitting and pet walking. A pet center would be a huge bonus for your pet friendly family.

The pet center located at House 39 is new and exceptional. House 39, with its ultra-convenient location, sleek modern architecture and design, high level of service, first-rate amenities and stunning views, is truly a pet friendly rental residence ahead of the curve. House 39 located at 225 East 39th Street, offers Studios, one bedrooms and two bedrooms residences with views of Manhattan. Many units have terraces creating more living space for your pet.

For more information on House 39, check out their website, or call for availability at (212) 661-3900.

No Fee Rentals are Decreasing around Flatiron NYC

no fee rentals flatiron nycWhile liberal New Yorkers are concerned about the payback for Trump’s security costs of around $24 million, and the conservatives are eagerly awaiting Trump’s next Executive Order, we all watched together as the Federal Reserve jacked up the federal funds rate 25 basis points, to a range of 0.75% to 1%, marking its third increase since the Great Recession in 2008. This hike will eventually trickle down to increase borrowing costs for short-term loans and credit cards. It has also affected the real estate market. Less are able to purchase their own home so it’s become a renter’s market.

Because it’s currently a renter’s market less concessions are needed to entice new occupants to rent properties. Also, because it’s a renter’s market the rent amounts are still high. It’s the supply and demand concept.. According to an article on the website, here’s an example of the rent situation…

The median rent for Manhattan, $3,382 one year ago, is now $3,350. Year-over-year, the median for Manhattan studios decreased 2.6 percent to $2,500; one-bedrooms decreased 1.3 percent to $3,350; and two-bedrooms decreased 5.2 percent to $4,500. Median prices for the luxury inventory decreased a minimal 0.2 percent to $7,983.

There are still plenty of special offers for renters looking for a new residence. Discover a luxury apartment building, EOS, that’s offering no fee rentals in Flatiron NYC. EOS is located at 100 W 31st St, New York, NY 10001. Call for availability at (212) 899-3131 or contact them through their website.

EOS proudly offers residents access to its own 15,000-square-foot Nike-branded gym. Along with sweeping city views, a rooftop recreation level, a pool and many other eco-minded amenities. In addition to its residential program, the 47-story mixed-use complex also houses 200,000 square feet of commercial and office space including Nike‘s new NYC corporate headquarters.

New Affordable Rental Apartments in Bronx NY

Vacan lot for new apartments in Bronx NY
Planned Site of Procida Development Group Affordable Housing Project

The Parkchester community in the Southeast section of Bronx will see some changes in the near future. Two new affordable housing projects are being developed on Newbold and Westchester Ave.

The Procida Development Group is working with Magnusson Architecture and planning to create two complexes that will have 206 affordable housing units. From the view on Google Maps, it appears the buildings will sit on the same piece of property between Newbold Avenue and Westchester Avenue. An article by referred to them as twin properties. The building on Westchester Avenue will house 82 units, and have 8,000sqft of retail space on the ground floor. The building on Newbold Avenue will house 124 units and have a 1,350sqft community facility.

103 of the units will be reserved for families that make 60 percent or less of the area median income, and the other 103 units will be reserved for families that make 80 percent of the area median income. Procida Development Group has filed a permit application for the building at 2047 Newbold Avenue.

The new affordable apartments in Bronx NY will be just to the south of the 129-acre Parkchester community. Parkchester has been around since the 1940s, and has 171 apartment buildings with 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom apartments. Parkchester is managed by Parkchester Preservation Management at 2000 E Tremont Avenue. The planned community has many retail shops, restaurants, and a medical facility within the confines of the community. The central gathering place of the community will be the Metropolitan Oval that features a water fountain.

For the safety of the residents, PPM has a 24-hour roving patrol with services provided by the Parkchester Department of Public Safety. Residents of Parkchester can choose to park in one of the on-site parking garages or park on the street near their apartment.

Searching for Apartments in the Bronx NY? Search YouTube

Apartments in the Bronx NY

For people who don’t live in NYC but are hoping to move to the area, it is hard to apartment hunt. However, there are great options available now that there is the Internet and YouTube. For example, someone searching for apartments in Bronx, NY can move that search to YouTube and find views of available apartments in walk through style.

A look at, for example, shows a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom duplex that is available through Tryax Management. This particular rental is listed in Riverdale. It has a small but efficient kitchen with just enough cabinet space for the basics and counter space that is sufficient but not excessive.

A large counter segments the kitchen from the open living/dining room area of the floor plan. The stairs are off to the right of the open area that can be the living or dining room – or both. The stairs lead up to a large bedroom with sliding glass doors and a room that has windows overlooking the living space downstairs. The windows have cute shutters to close the room off from the downstairs area if someone is trying to sleep and there is a lot of activity still going on downstairs.

The room also has a small window to allow in natural light from outside. The bathroom is off the larger room is just past a closet and is a full bathroom. If you are looking for apartments in the Bronx that provide comfort, a simple yet effective floor plan and access to more than one bathroom, a duplex may well be the best option to consider. You can really appreciate your living space and feel comfortable in the home you have chosen. Be happy at home and maintain a lived in yet clean house with a duplex that splits the two levels to give you varied living areas.

It´s Not Easy to Find 2 Bedroom Apartments with Nice Views of Manhattan

apartments with nice views of Manhattan

When it comes to finding an apartment in Manhattan, things can get a little tricky. It’s not impossible, but if you are looking for a unit that gives you nice views … good luck! Manhattan’s one of the best cities in the world, which is why it can be difficult to find a place to live.

For one, it can get expensive. Rent in Manhattan is always on the higher end, and if you are looking for somewhere with views and not just any apartment, then it can get pricey. Also, if you don’t have an almost three figure job, it can be even more difficult.

Competition is another factor that discourages many. In order to secure your dream apartment, it’s said that you have to be first in line, with the first and last month’s rent (for the security deposit) in hand, ready to do the transaction on the spot.

Vacancies are less than 2%, and on the decline. It’s totally understandable considering what Manhattan is – Central Park, the UN, Wall Street, Madison Avenue, Broadway – Manhattan is the center of world finance and culture. It’s by far the most famous borough of New York City and apartments with views of the city are some of the most coveted in the world. So, it makes total sense that it’s going to have low vacancies and high prices.

However, that’s not a reason to give up hope. As mentioned earlier, it’s not impossible. There are two bedrooms reidences with views of Manhattan that you can see on sites like

It’s all a matter of finding the right place, somewhere that fits within your budget, and has openings. It will take some focused effort, but if you’re really set on finding that two bedroom apartment with amazing views of Manhattan and all it has to offer… you should go for it.