Busiest Residences: Choose Yours!



Some people love tranquility, others prefer the frenzy of the city, so if you belong to either of these groups of people, you will surely enjoy living in NYC with all its magic!

Here you will find a world of residences near the busiest areas. Pubs, restaurants and even parks transform NYC into a place where you can find absolutely everything.

If you are planning to move, you should consider modern residences at Bryant Park NYC. Why? Because EOS Nomad is located in this area and is absolutely stunning.

Take a look at my top list of my four favorite, busiest residences, and get ready to join the ride!
1. EOS Nomad – 100 W 31st Street

This building is located in the middle of it all. It’s modern and luxurious with top amenities and luminous, spacious residences.

Enjoy the best activities right at your doorstep, where the best events and shows await you any time of the day. At night, you can go dining at the best restaurants and, during the day, enjoy the park or go shopping at the most exclusive malls.


2. 100 E 53rd Street

This Foster + Partners designed building started its sales with the modest price of: 4M! What? Yes, 4 million dollars, but of course it has everything it takes to make you feel like a real queen in your own palace. Apartments feature high ceilings, sustainably-sourced American white oak floors and top-of-the-line kitchen appliances. Located in one of the best NYC areas, living at 100 E 53rd Street is a must. Wow!

3. The Bryant – 16 W 40th Street.

This New York City Condo built by architect David Chipperfield is a 33-story tower with 57 condos facing Bryant Park. If you are willing to pay from $2-10 million for one of its units, it can be yours. But don’t panic, because, of course, you will be able to enjoy the best amenities that only a 5-star building can offer. Great location, iconic building, excellent choice.

4. 52 Wooster, SoHo

This building is located in one of the most chic areas of NYC. It´s a four-unit condo developed by Continental Ventures and was designed by Arpad Baksa. Three of its apartments include three bedrooms, while its penthouse features four. The best of all? Its outdoor space. A great choice for the price of $4 million…well…SoHo is worth it!

Have fun and live like royalty in one of these amazing residences. You deserve it!

Probably the 3 Most Beautiful High Rise Apartment Buildings in New York

Beautiful High-Rise Luxury Midtown West Apartments in NYCEverybody will have their opinions on the most beautiful high rise apartment buildings in New York City, but after careful research, these are my top three.

  1. Walker Tower – Picture this – it’s 1929 and the New York Times just printed architect, Ralph Thomas Walker was the “Architect of the Century” on the completion of Walker Tower. This 24-story, art deco building towers at 212 West 18th Street, between Seventh and Eighth Avenues in Chelsea, and was converted to 50 luxury residential units. Walker Tower’s elaborate brick façade has been painstakingly restored and the art deco ornamentation proudly replaced. JDS Real Estate Development Group and Property Markets Group were responsible for the iconic restoration of Walker Tower in 2012.
  2. 56 Leonard Street – Known as the “Jenga” building, 56 Leonard Street in Tribeca, is a 60-story expression of sculpted surfaces and sparkling glass designed by Swiss firm Herzog & De Meuron. A careful investigation of local construction methods revealed the possibility of shifting and varying floor-slabs to create corners, cantilevers, and balconies – all welcome strategies for providing individual and different conditions in each apartment. 56 Leonard Street offers 145 spatially innovative apartments and no two floor plans are the same, giving those who will live in the “Jenga” tower their own unique home. Amenity Floor 9 at 56 Leonard features a host of recreational amenities such as a library lounge and children’s playroom. Amenity Floor 10 contains 56 Leonard’s extensive fitness center with yoga studio, treatment room, steam room and sauna.
  3. Via 57 West – These luxury Midtown West apartments in NYC are in an asymmetrical building shaped like a Tetrahedron (triangular pyramid). Via 57 West is known as the Pyramid of Manhattan and takes on different shapes when you look at it from different angles – a pyramid, a sailboat, a wave, etc. and is a splendid new addition to the New York City skyline. Situated at 625 West 57th Street on the waterfront, Via 57 West has nothing to block the view of the Hudson River as it reflects off the 35-story, blue mirrored glass tower. To view a list of the unit available at Via 57 West, you can visit their website.

I hope you enjoyed my three picks for the most beautiful high rise apartment buildings in New York City.