How Do I Organize my 1 Bedroom Apartment in Tribeca?


Available now are plenty of 1 bedroom apartments for sale in Tribeca. I recently bought a 1 bedroom apartment for sale in Tribeca, but it is very small. I had to come up with some ways to organize and create more living and storage space in my apartment in Tribeca.

Before I even moved in, I got online and looked at some DIY websites on creating space. Pinterest has tons of great ideas. And I’m lucky I have a friend that’s an expert with power tools and can help me knock this stuff together in no time.

I found some great stores in Manhattan with inexpensive space saving items. First there’s Crate and Barrel at 611 Broadway and on the higher end of the pricing scale. Then, of course, there’s IKEA at 455 Broadway with their functional, put-it-together-yourself furniture. Both Crate and Barrel and IKEA can be ordered and delivered for your convenience.

If you feel like shopping for your space saving items, try Marshalls at 206 Washington Street. Marshalls doesn’t stock a consistent inventory. It’s a hit or miss place but the finds are fabulous and the prices very reasonable.

I also found this local home furnishings store in Tribeca called Steven Alan Home Shop at 158 Franklin that focuses on decorating and entertaining furnishings. Designer Steven Alan is known in the fashion industry and this is his debut boutique.

Darling shop and a must see. And even though you may not be able to afford the prices, it will give you some wonderful ideas for your apartment in Tribeca.

In my kitchen, there was some empty space between the wall and the refrigerator…about a foot wide. It now features a rolling shelf as high as the refrigerator and gives me all kinds of pantry type storage space.

In my bedroom, the bed is lifted high enough to create storage space for totes I purchased at IKEA.

And in my living room, there’s a niche that has been transformed into a work space for my computer. It’s where I’m sitting right now. I found 2 black open shelves at Target and found a glass table top at a thrift store to create a desk to work at while creating storage space. I also added wall shelves above the desk giving me plenty of space for photos.

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