Tribeca–the New Fabulous Neighborhood in NYC

The title says it all: Tribeca is absolutely fabulous, and if you love experiencing a high-level of living, you are in the right place. One bedroom apartments are available for sale in Tribeca and you’ll notice the difference in quality, amenities, luxury and location.

Tribeca has turned into a place loved by those who appreciate good things and who believe that paying more is worth it.

Considered one of the best places to live in NYC, Tribeca is a place where your children can attend great schools and where the crime levels are at a minimum. In the Upper East Side, you find the most exclusive living areas. Although it’s very expensive, it’s so beautiful that it’s worth the price.

Two bedroom residences for sale in Tribeca can have an average cost of $2.5M while 3 bedroom luxury residences can cost over $3.5M.

There is a lot to do and enjoy in this area. You can dine at the fanciest restaurants, shop at designer boutiques, or visit exclusive art galleries.

Takahachi Bakery is a fashionable Japanese restaurant located in the heart of Tribeca. It offers all kind of treats and delicious orange and cranberry scones. You’ll love it all!

If you love reading, then you’ll adore the Brandy Library, where you’ll always find an excuse to visit and enjoy the best books and authors. It’s a bar and lounge, where you can choose your favorite book while having a hot coffee after work. It’s a cozy, intellectual spot for a relaxing break.

The Poster Museum is perfect if you collect vintage posters and stuff. Even for curious people, this place is really attractive with its deco and unique prints. If you want to do something different, visit this place. It’s awesome!

If you have a large family and need to search for 4 bedroom luxury apartments for sale in Tribeca, you can definitely find some beautiful options. You’ll need to take the price into account, but if you can afford it, then for sure you’ll fall in love with this neighborhood.

Tribeca rocks!

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