Luxury Apartments for Rent Near Madison Square Garden

Do celebrities have apartments for rent near Madison Square Garden? Celebrities, professional athletes, TV personalities and many other famous people who live in NYC can make a pretty extensive list. And no wonder – the Big Apple is one of the best and most dynamic cities in the world!

Measuring 11,000 square feet, TV Personality Ryan Seacrest is renting a glitzy Lenox Hill townhouse for $75,000 per month

Hopefully we won’t see NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon racing around the one way streets of New York City.

Tiger Woods is obviously always traveling for tournaments around the world, but he still calls New York home.

Even though he works in Boston most of the year, Tom Brady and his wife make their home in the Big Apple. They have upgraded their 70 Vestry pad.

Barack Obama’s onetime Park Slope home recently hit the market. The historic Brooklyn home is making its way to the market for the first time in 23 years.

Featuring a custom fireplace and newly listed at $56 million is Sting’s 15CPW duplex, which is full of character and faces Central Park.

The hilarious comedian/actor Jerry Seinfeld has been living in the city that never sleeps for years.

Sarah Jessica Parker, her actor husband Matthew Broderick, and their three children hang their hats in The Village.

Madonna lives in Manhattan on East 81st Street and built herself a gated triple wide townhouse on the Upper East Side.

Cameron Diaz’s Manhattan pied-a-terre in Greenwich Village is immaculately furnished in an edgy and cool yet insanely comfortable style.

Yes, these above-mentioned famous people can afford just about everything and anything they want. But if they were smart with their money, they would consider luxury apartments for rent near Madison Square Garden. There’s a place where they would be very comfortable and it’s called EOS NoMad located 100 W 31st St, New York, NY, just a 4-minute walk. EOS’s building now hosts corporate offices for Nike Inc. The Nike fitness center at EOS NoMad is over 15,000 square feet supplied with the best Nike branded sports and training equipment. The fitness center includes a yoga studio, a spin studio, a training area and a gorgeous indoor swimming pool. EOS NoMad also has an outdoor swimming pool on the rooftop. EOS NoMad is an eco-friendly mixed-use building with eco-minded amenities and designed by a leading sustainable architecture firm.

I am a bit surprised that more athletes aren’t occupying rental units at EOS while they work at Madison Square Garden.