Searching for Apartments in the Bronx NY? Search YouTube

Apartments in the Bronx NY

For people who don’t live in NYC but are hoping to move to the area, it is hard to apartment hunt. However, there are great options available now that there is the Internet and YouTube. For example, someone searching for apartments in Bronx, NY can move that search to YouTube and find views of available apartments in walk through style.

A look at, for example, shows a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom duplex that is available through Tryax Management. This particular rental is listed in Riverdale. It has a small but efficient kitchen with just enough cabinet space for the basics and counter space that is sufficient but not excessive.

A large counter segments the kitchen from the open living/dining room area of the floor plan. The stairs are off to the right of the open area that can be the living or dining room – or both. The stairs lead up to a large bedroom with sliding glass doors and a room that has windows overlooking the living space downstairs. The windows have cute shutters to close the room off from the downstairs area if someone is trying to sleep and there is a lot of activity still going on downstairs.

The room also has a small window to allow in natural light from outside. The bathroom is off the larger room is just past a closet and is a full bathroom. If you are looking for apartments in the Bronx that provide comfort, a simple yet effective floor plan and access to more than one bathroom, a duplex may well be the best option to consider. You can really appreciate your living space and feel comfortable in the home you have chosen. Be happy at home and maintain a lived in yet clean house with a duplex that splits the two levels to give you varied living areas.