Probably the 3 Most Beautiful High Rise Apartment Buildings in New York

Beautiful High-Rise Luxury Midtown West Apartments in NYCEverybody will have their opinions on the most beautiful high rise apartment buildings in New York City, but after careful research, these are my top three.

  1. Walker Tower – Picture this – it’s 1929 and the New York Times just printed architect, Ralph Thomas Walker was the “Architect of the Century” on the completion of Walker Tower. This 24-story, art deco building towers at 212 West 18th Street, between Seventh and Eighth Avenues in Chelsea, and was converted to 50 luxury residential units. Walker Tower’s elaborate brick façade has been painstakingly restored and the art deco ornamentation proudly replaced. JDS Real Estate Development Group and Property Markets Group were responsible for the iconic restoration of Walker Tower in 2012.
  2. 56 Leonard Street – Known as the “Jenga” building, 56 Leonard Street in Tribeca, is a 60-story expression of sculpted surfaces and sparkling glass designed by Swiss firm Herzog & De Meuron. A careful investigation of local construction methods revealed the possibility of shifting and varying floor-slabs to create corners, cantilevers, and balconies – all welcome strategies for providing individual and different conditions in each apartment. 56 Leonard Street offers 145 spatially innovative apartments and no two floor plans are the same, giving those who will live in the “Jenga” tower their own unique home. Amenity Floor 9 at 56 Leonard features a host of recreational amenities such as a library lounge and children’s playroom. Amenity Floor 10 contains 56 Leonard’s extensive fitness center with yoga studio, treatment room, steam room and sauna.
  3. Via 57 West – These luxury Midtown West apartments in NYC are in an asymmetrical building shaped like a Tetrahedron (triangular pyramid). Via 57 West is known as the Pyramid of Manhattan and takes on different shapes when you look at it from different angles – a pyramid, a sailboat, a wave, etc. and is a splendid new addition to the New York City skyline. Situated at 625 West 57th Street on the waterfront, Via 57 West has nothing to block the view of the Hudson River as it reflects off the 35-story, blue mirrored glass tower. To view a list of the unit available at Via 57 West, you can visit their website.

I hope you enjoyed my three picks for the most beautiful high rise apartment buildings in New York City.

Affordable But Amazing High Rise Manhattan Apartments

Via 57 West has Luxury Apartments for rent on 57th StreetBelieve it or not, there are affordable and amazing high rise Manhattan apartments at VIA 57 West. 

The Big Apple has never seen anything quite like this building. Architect Bjarke Ingels didn’t want this project to look like a building. He succeeded with these 57th Street luxury apartments for rent. VIA 57 West is Bjarke Ingels’ architecture triumph resulting in a Midtown Manhattan west side tetrahedron that takes on different shapes when you look at it from different angles. Rising from a simple rectangular base, VIA 57 West is a big, jagged, twisting V of a form with carefully contrived cutaways that bring light and views. The amazing building’s unique design allows for a courtyard and green living rental apartments with Hudson River views.

VIA 57 West offers first-rate amenities and services including, a full time doorman, valet, storage, reading room, party room, poker room, ping pong, pool table and shuffle board game room, golf simulator and putting green, chef’s kitchen, children’s playroom, sun decks, gorgeous swimming pool, indoor basketball court, outdoor activity areas, BBQ grills, fitness center, bike room, many bay windows and a mega movie theater owned by Mark Cuban from Shark Tank and owner of the NBA Dallas Mavericks.

Beyond the amazing building, services and amenities, VIA 57 West, with LEED Gold Certification, offers green living focusing on the Water, Earth, Air and Energy – water conservation and improved quality is a mandate building’s system, the use of “clean” material meeting strict performance and durability standards, the building’s system ensures efficient heating, indoor quality air, and lighting for maximum comfort and control, and energy efficiency and performance strategies save energy and ensure resiliency. The 22,000 square feet Courtyard Oasis contains nearly 50 species of native plants and 80 trees.

There are 178 different floor plans across the building’s 709 units with uniquely angled walls. Roughly 70 percent of the apartments are treated to views of the Hudson River. Sizes and rent rates for these eco-friendly luxury residences are around – Studios $3,200, 1-bedroom $3,400, 2-bedrooms $5,200, 3-bedrooms $9,600 and 4-bedrooms $12,800 per month. Stop by VIA 57 West’s website for more information and check out the photos.

Luxury Apartments for Rent Near Madison Square Garden

Do celebrities have apartments for rent near Madison Square Garden? Celebrities, professional athletes, TV personalities and many other famous people who live in NYC can make a pretty extensive list. And no wonder – the Big Apple is one of the best and most dynamic cities in the world!

Measuring 11,000 square feet, TV Personality Ryan Seacrest is renting a glitzy Lenox Hill townhouse for $75,000 per month

Hopefully we won’t see NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon racing around the one way streets of New York City.

Tiger Woods is obviously always traveling for tournaments around the world, but he still calls New York home.

Even though he works in Boston most of the year, Tom Brady and his wife make their home in the Big Apple. They have upgraded their 70 Vestry pad.

Barack Obama’s onetime Park Slope home recently hit the market. The historic Brooklyn home is making its way to the market for the first time in 23 years.

Featuring a custom fireplace and newly listed at $56 million is Sting’s 15CPW duplex, which is full of character and faces Central Park.

The hilarious comedian/actor Jerry Seinfeld has been living in the city that never sleeps for years.

Sarah Jessica Parker, her actor husband Matthew Broderick, and their three children hang their hats in The Village.

Madonna lives in Manhattan on East 81st Street and built herself a gated triple wide townhouse on the Upper East Side.

Cameron Diaz’s Manhattan pied-a-terre in Greenwich Village is immaculately furnished in an edgy and cool yet insanely comfortable style.

Yes, these above-mentioned famous people can afford just about everything and anything they want. But if they were smart with their money, they would consider luxury apartments for rent near Madison Square Garden. There’s a place where they would be very comfortable and it’s called EOS NoMad located 100 W 31st St, New York, NY, just a 4-minute walk. EOS’s building now hosts corporate offices for Nike Inc. The Nike fitness center at EOS NoMad is over 15,000 square feet supplied with the best Nike branded sports and training equipment. The fitness center includes a yoga studio, a spin studio, a training area and a gorgeous indoor swimming pool. EOS NoMad also has an outdoor swimming pool on the rooftop. EOS NoMad is an eco-friendly mixed-use building with eco-minded amenities and designed by a leading sustainable architecture firm.

I am a bit surprised that more athletes aren’t occupying rental units at EOS while they work at Madison Square Garden.


No Fee Rentals are Decreasing around Flatiron NYC

no fee rentals flatiron nycWhile liberal New Yorkers are concerned about the payback for Trump’s security costs of around $24 million, and the conservatives are eagerly awaiting Trump’s next Executive Order, we all watched together as the Federal Reserve jacked up the federal funds rate 25 basis points, to a range of 0.75% to 1%, marking its third increase since the Great Recession in 2008. This hike will eventually trickle down to increase borrowing costs for short-term loans and credit cards. It has also affected the real estate market. Less are able to purchase their own home so it’s become a renter’s market.

Because it’s currently a renter’s market less concessions are needed to entice new occupants to rent properties. Also, because it’s a renter’s market the rent amounts are still high. It’s the supply and demand concept.. According to an article on the website, here’s an example of the rent situation…

The median rent for Manhattan, $3,382 one year ago, is now $3,350. Year-over-year, the median for Manhattan studios decreased 2.6 percent to $2,500; one-bedrooms decreased 1.3 percent to $3,350; and two-bedrooms decreased 5.2 percent to $4,500. Median prices for the luxury inventory decreased a minimal 0.2 percent to $7,983.

There are still plenty of special offers for renters looking for a new residence. Discover a luxury apartment building, EOS, that’s offering no fee rentals in Flatiron NYC. EOS is located at 100 W 31st St, New York, NY 10001. Call for availability at (212) 899-3131 or contact them through their website.

EOS proudly offers residents access to its own 15,000-square-foot Nike-branded gym. Along with sweeping city views, a rooftop recreation level, a pool and many other eco-minded amenities. In addition to its residential program, the 47-story mixed-use complex also houses 200,000 square feet of commercial and office space including Nike‘s new NYC corporate headquarters.